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A line of devices and sensors that give you complete awareness and control over your water resources. Save Water. Save Time. Save Money.


Don't get caught off-guard by a water bill ever again! Know how much water you're using in real time. See tank level remotely from your smartphone.

Leak Detection

Instantly detect leaks or faulty appliances


Be in control. Shut off water from anywhere in the world when a leak is detected or when no one is home


Save money on lower water bills by using less water, and preventing  excessive losses and water damage.

WaterPree Products

WaterPree Products

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A non-invasive device for measuring water level in a water tank. Can be used to send automated alerts when your water level is running low. Never be surprised by an empty tank again!

Applications: Homes, Businesses, Farms.

WaterPree Invasive Level Sensor

A device that utilizes an invasive pressure transducer level sensor placed in the water to measure water depth.

A device installed in line with a water pipe that allows users to be able to monitor water flow rate and open and stop the water flow remotely. Detect leaks and faulty Appliances in real-time!

Applications: Buildings, Irrigation Systems, Manufacturing

WaterPree Flood Detector

A device used for remotely detecting pools of water on the floor.

A device that allows for the remote monitoring of water pressure. Can be used to detect when a water supply is low or off.

Applications: Buildings, Irrigation, Factories

Coming Soon

We have a number of products and solutions in the works. Sign up for updates!

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WaterPree Water Tank Sensor

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