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PreeHub Property Management System

With the PreeHub, you can manage your property's energy, water, other resources, environment, activity, and more from your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world! 



Identify your problem areas - See your energy consumption from a building to an appliance level in real-time. Automate usage based on sensors, timers, and more!

Bright Room
Get WaterPree
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Manage your water resources like never before! identify leaks, track consumption, know your water tank level, and more!

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Environmental Monitoring

Know your air and water quality, temperature, soil moisture and more!

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Exterior of Modern Garage

Smart Controls

Automate your gate, irrigation, and more!

How to get PreeHub:

Consultation/ Site visit

Contact us for a consultation /site visit for us to figure out the best solution for you based on your goals and provide a proposal/ quotation.


Our licensed technicians will install your system.

Ready to go

Download the app or visit the website and you're ready to go!

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