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We empower businesses and individuals by helping them manage their processes, environment, and resources more efficiently and sustainably using our internet-enabled systems and other solutions - saving time, money, and resources.

We're a team of passionate innovators with over 10 years of combined experience in embedded systems design, robotics, programming, and product development, we provide products and solutions that are either standardised or specifically tailored to our customers' individual needs and objectives.

We believe in the power of the Jamaican people. We believe that Jamaican Innovation can set the tone for how we approach problems unique to our own region and the global community as we look to build a more efficient and sustainable future for all. Join us on our mission.

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Our Products and Services

Property Management System. Monitor and manage your property's utilities, environment, and more from anywhere! Includes PowerPree and WaterPree.

Product development

Have a product that you need to develop that involves electronics, Internet-of-Things, 3D modelling/printing and more? we'll help realise your vision.

Coming soon

We have a number of products and solutions in the works. Sign up for updates!

Need to monitor or control a process in your plant, factory, or business?  Incorporate our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems in your operations!

Covid-19 Response

See the solutions we've implemented to help mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic

Have a crop, garden, greenhouse, and/or fishfarm that you would like to manage remotely or automate? Implement our Smart Farm Solution (Now accepting pilot projects)

Custom Solutions

Do you have a process that you'd like to automate, monitor or manage? Does it involve robotics, 3D printing, electronics and/or apps? We can find a solution for you.


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